Leopard Courier Tracking – Complete Method

Leopard Courier Tracking is the method to find or locate your LCS parcel online. If you are finding your consignment then you can do Leopard Tracking on this website. With the help of your LCS tracking number, you can find your parcel’s location.

Track your Parcel Here

Leopard Tracking Online

Just put your tracking ID that will look like (SGAGS294592) in the below track box and you will redirect to your parcel’s location immediately.

How to Find a Leopard Tracking ID?

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This is a very common issue that many users do not know where the tracking ID is. But there is no need to worry because I am going to show you how you can find your tracking number easily. This is the method to find the tracking CN number.

  • When you order something from an online store or anywhere, you will get an email or SMS with the tracking number of the CN number.
  • Note that code and copy it on your smartphone
  • If you haven’t received your CN number by email then you can get it through SMS as well
  • Another way to find your tracking ID is through a courier picture or label. You will need to take a photo of your parcel’s label that will have a barcode as well. You will see a tracking number as well there.

How to Track LCS Parcels Online?

The leopard tracking system is very easy as anyone who has an internet connection and a smartphone or Laptop can track the LCS consignments. Once your order has shipped, you can track it with the help of a tracking number.

From Lahore to Karachi or even in Islamabad, you can track your LCS packages with just one click.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the Leopard Courier Tracking website
  2. Go to the Leopard Tracking page
  3. Here you will need to fill in the CN number
  4. CN number is the tracking number that you need to enter there
  5. Now click on track order

This is the complete method of tracing any parcel using the Leopard online website.

Leopard Courier Parcel Tracking Via SMS

If you don’t have an internet connection then you can use the SMS method to track your package. Here is the step by step method:

  1. Open your SMS section on your mobile phone
  2. Enter your CN number
  3. Send it to 8061

After that, you will receive an SMS from Leopard that will let you know about your package’s location.

Leopard Tracking Service in Pakistan

If you are looking for a local parcel or consignment then you can use this website to locate your parcel’s location. The process is very easy and I will show you how you track your package via the Leopard tracking service.

However, Leopard is offering both international and domestic courier and logistics services. These services are available in every city and district of Pakistan. Leopard courier is not only providing courier and logistics services in Pakistan but also offers enterprise software, educational services, software management, and technology services. 

Whether you have ordered through an online eCommerce store or you have sold something via Leopard, you can always and anytime track your LCS parcel without only one click.

Leopard Courier COD Tracking Service

With Leopard courier COD tracking service, you can track all of your COD parcels online. The benefit of using the COD service is that the customer does not need to pay the amount first for the product he is buying online. They can choose the Cash on Delivery service so they will only pay money when they get their order. Otherwise, their money is secure and they can rest assured about it.

Leopard Courier Overnight Tracking Service

Are you in a hurry and you want to send a parcel just in one night? Use Leopard Overnight service. This service provides the facility of sending and receiving parcels in just one night. So you can use this service and track your parcels as well.

Leopard Bulao Service Tracking

Those who don’t want to visit the Express Centers but need to send packages can call Leopard and ask them to provide their Leopard Bulao service. This service is full of convenience and you will also get low charges. 

Mera Time Delivery Tracking Service

This is another amazing service from Leopard that is all about convenience for customers. If you are running a large business and you don’t have enough time to manage your shipments then you can use Mere Time Delivery (MTD) which means you can ask Leopard to ship your consignments according to your time and rules. You can set the rules and you will also get a 100% money-back guarantee. Track your Mera Time Delivery now.

Overland Service Tracking

Now sending and receiving bulky and large goods is very easy due to Leopard Overland service. You can send heavy parcels and goods all across Pakistan in a very convenient way. All your parcels will be dispatched all over Pakistan.

Leopard Flyer Express Tracking Service

In Pakistan, you need to attest your degrees and other important documents from the government or other higher authorities. So sending your important documents can be risky with any ordinary courier service. That’s why Leopard has introduced the Leopard Flyer Express tracking service that will facilitate when you need to send your important documents to another city for attesting purposes.

About Leopard Courier And Logistics

Leopard Courier was established in 1983 in Pakistan. The focus of this courier and logistics company was to provide convenience in sending parcels and consignments all across Pakistan. The CEO was Jahangir Shahid who introduced this amazing courier company in Pakistan.

Now LCS has over 1036 Express Centers all across Pakistan and LCS is gaining success very rapidly due to its perfect courier service.

How to track LCS parcels?

You can track LCS parcels online easily. Just copy your CN number and enter it into the website and check the status of your parcel online.

What is the CN number of the Leopard Courier?

The CN number is the Consignment Number which is also referred to as a tracking number.

I Don’t Have Internet, How Can I Track Parcel?

There is no need to worry because you can track LCS parcels via SMS as well.

Why My Parcel is Not Arriving?

Your parcel could be delayed due to the following reasons:
Emergency situations

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